As a way to further our goal of raising awareness of the many natural recreational areas in Dallas, we're putting together a map of  not only its trails and open spaces, but also the more "secret" places that hold historical, sentimental or environmental value. We're counting on the collective knowledge of Dallas dwellers or visitors who know something (it really can be anything) about the Trinity River area, whether that be a personal experience, a favorite native bird, or a hard-to-find picnic spot. Feel free to write anything on this form, and to list as many things as you want -- we'll vet the responses for the final version of the map.  

Please be as specific as possible. Why are these places your favorites?
This can be historical, factual, or personal. Did you see something interesting on your last hike? Do you know something about the native flora and fauna of the area? Do you have any memories from childhood that take place near the river or its forest?